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Do you want a machine to be valuated for purchase, sale or insurance?
When you insure a machine, it is very important to know the correct value, so that in the event of damage or theft, you do not also have to suffer any financial loss. The valuation of a machine should, therefore, be done exclusively by a specialist. The damage experts at RM CE Markeringen BV have been active in the land-, road- and water works, for more than 20 years and are specialised in machine inspections for e.g. industrial gas and diesel engines, port equipment and mechanical engineering machinery. You can also benefit from our expertise when purchasing or selling a machine, to invest smarter and save money. Read more about Valuations.

Need advice or support during an insurance claim procedure?
When your machine is damaged, your company also suffers. Production slows down, or procedures become less efficient. You want to get production levels back to normal as soon as possible, but as long as you can’t reach an agreement with your insurance agency, everything else remains unchanged. Damage claims can cause a lot of delays and without the necessary knowledge and experience – it can be a tedious and confusing job. Claim assessment agency RM CE Markeringen BV can offer a solution in these situations. We can give you advice regarding the best approach, but we can also take care of the entire damage claim procedure. That way, you can focus on managing your company again, while we take care of the rest. Read more about claim assessors.

Expert in Machine CE marking procedures
After purchasing a machine from a non-EEC country, but also when your company has manufactured a machine itself, whether it was made for selling purposes, or for own use, you are responsible for the machine’s CE-marking. To be allowed to apply this marking, your machine needs to conform to various safety requirements and pass a rigorous technical inspection. Such CE-marking procedures can be very lengthy and complicated when you don’t have the required knowledge. Therefore, you are legally permitted to authorise another person or company to organise, arrange and comply with the procedure for you. RM CE Markeringen BV is always available for advice and support during your CE marking procedure. We can arrange an efficient course of events and will make sure that the procedures are followed in a pleasant and professional manner. Read more about CE marking procedures.