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Do you have a damaged machine due to vandalism or burglary?
When your company suffers material damage, this can be rather unpleasant. It can lead to delays, lower production and in extreme cases it can even cause financial losses. Above all, it gives you a lot of extra work and stress. You want to spend your time repairing the damage, so your company will be back to running at top capacity as soon as possible. Unfortunately, as a result of the insurance claim, you are faced with so much paperwork, and so many phone calls and emails, that there is hardly any time left. The extra work has virtually turned into a new day job, and you don’t have any time to perform your managerial tasks. This way, the suffered damage will only lead to more damage…

Your best interests, our only interest
At RM CE Markeringen BV we fully understand the frustrations from being responsible for handling something without any knowledge or prior experience, especially when you really don’t have time for this. Our clients have all been through similar situations before they contacted us and became clients with our office. We are also more than willing to take all your insurance claim related tasks off your hands and take care of everything on your behalf. We have over 20 years of experience in land-, road- and water works, and are specialised in machine inspections for e.g. mechanical engineering machinery, port equipment and industrial gas and diesel engines, making us most capable of representing your company. You can trust and rely on us, while we handle the entire process, from claim to pay-out and finalisation with authorised supervision. As a result, you regain the time and energy to be able to focus on running your business.

At your service, on your side
As your claim assessor, we naturally take on your side in all situations where we represent your company, and we always have your best interests at heart. Our professional teams consist of damage experts and specialists on the insurance market; a combination that will serve as a great representation of your company with broad knowledge, excellent communication skills, endurance and patience. Our teams have proven to be able, in most cases, to realise the targeted claim amount.

Have you been caught up in a damage claim process that has lasted far too long already and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere? Please feel free to contact us and make an appointment for an intake. During the intake, we can discuss your situation and inform you of the possibilities we can offer.